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Disclaimer - Do Not Try This At Home

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If you're thinking about re-creating what you've seen in our advertising videos then please read this first.

Thank you for your interest in our shoes. We strive to bring to you the highest quality shoes at an affordable price.

What really captives people is when they see our videos online. It shows someone literally stomping on a bed of nails and hammering bricks on the steel toe. The reason why this is possible is because of it's kevlar sole and steel toe insert that does a really good job of protecting your feet.

But here's the thing. It was all done by a trained professional in a controlled environment. We do not recommend you attempt to try this at home. If you do and get injured doing so then this is all on you. We've warned you.

Also, our shoes have not been rated by OSHA, CSA, ASTM or any other agency. If your work requires protective shoes that are certified then we highly recommend you take this into consideration before purchasing.